About Us

We Foster Education

Educators not only teach others, but are also learners themselves. At Educator Help, our goal is to further the learning of teachers in order to improve education, teacher practice and student learning.

We Pursue Excellence

Our goal is to improve teacher practice and student learning. In order to do so, we use resources and strategies that have been proven to work in the classroom and that are based on data.

We Encourage Community

We learn from one another. At Educator Help we encourage everyone to voice their opinion and share resources in order to improve education.

We Create Fun

Teaching and learning should be fun and exciting. At Educator Help, we promote activities that foster collaboration, enhance thinking and engage students.


Amy DeMarco is a former Senior Achievement Manager and Instructional Specialist with the New York City Department of Education and a Google certified trainer. She currently owns the companies Educator Help, which offers online courses for educators, and FieldTrip-VR which offers virtual reality education bundles to schools. She has served as a special education teacher with a focus in the humanities for several years, and has taught at both the middle and high school levels in general, integrated co-teaching and self-contained settings. During the 2015-2016 school year Amy helped train educators throughout New York City on using and implementing Google Apps for Education in the classroom, and also visited several schools throughout the city in order to provide 1:1 instructional coaching and support to educators and administration on teaching practices, strategies and overall pedagogy. She has also designed and facilitated professional development sessions on various topics including special education, universal design for learning (UDL), response to intervention (RTI), instructional design, curriculum writing, Access for all Learners and Positive Behavior Intervention Services (PBIS). Amy has also served as the lead special education and history teacher at multiple schools, and during 2015-2016, Amy developed and facilitated an online class on the Common Core for teachers throughout New York City. Amy was trained by the Common Core Institute, and holds several education licenses in teaching students with disabilities grades 5-12, teaching social studies 5-12, school building leader and school district leader.


Niamh Goulding is a former Director of Technology and biology/physiology professor with the New York City Department of Education. She holds a B.Sc. and Ph.D. in Physiology from the National University of Ireland, Cork. She completed her postdoctoral research with the Department of Neurology at NYU School of Medicine from 2012-2013, and is the recipient of the David H. Streeten Fellowship Award from the American Autonomic Society in both 2012 and 2013. Dr. Goulding also wrote a proposal aimed at increasing the participation of traditionally underrepresented minorities in STEM fields, which was included in the White House College Opportunities National initiative of 2015.