Multiple Entry Points

Once teachers have a solid understanding of their students and the types of intelligence they relate to best, they can then develop lessons that provide for multiple entry points in the lesson. Multiple entry points are important so teachers can engage all students in the learning of the content.

Choose an entry point to see how you could teach WWII to a class with different types of learners.


Students learn through visuals and audio

Possible Activities

Listen to songs from/about the war and analyze pictures.


Students learn through writing.

Possible Activities

Read diaries from soldiers during WWII and have students write their own entries.

Logical/ Quantitative

Students learning through deductive reasoning or computation

Possible Activities

Review and analyze the data regarding the number of soldiers, casualties, where soldiers were stationed etc


Students learn by responding to broader concepts or ideas.

Possible Activities

Answer a philosophical question about the war (long term effects, did the ends justify the means etc)


Students learn through hands on activities.

Possible Activities

Have students re-live experiences from the war.